Sugar Land, TX Speech and Language Pathology

A child’s ability to age-appropriately communicate his/her wants, needs, emotions, and to understand the wants, needs, emotions and ideas of others is essential for social, emotional, and academic success. 


Although each child’s development is unique, most children master speech and language milestones within certain age-parameters. Early identification and remediation of speech and language delays amongst young children has proven to increase prognosis, decrease length of speech therapy needed, and have less negative academic impact. Children with difficulties in areas of articulation, expressive language, receptive language, communication skills, and social interactions often develop learning disabilities, low-self esteem, low self confidence, behavioral problems and become withdrawn. These types of struggles leave children with speech and language impairment vulnerable to constantly facing failure because they cannot succeed academically. SLI adversely impacts a child’s academics throughout their academic career.


A Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is the professional to determine whether your child’s speech and language skills are age-appropriate. A speech and language evaluation will identify strengths and weaknesses in articulation, comprehension, oral expression, vocabulary, understanding and expressing concepts, following directions, oral motor function, and much more. A fully certified SLP must have the following credentials: license from the state of Texas, certificate of competence from the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA), and a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in communication disorders. The Texas public school system allows individuals with a Bachelor’s degree to work as a speech pathology assistant, due the enormous shortage of speech-language pathologists. When seeking the assistance of an SLP, it is important to realize that Assistants have no formal, hands-on-hands training treating children with SLI. Speech pathologists’ treatment knowledge and treatment experience/skills are developed during graduate school and their Clinical Fellowship Year, which are not required for assistants. 


Rabon Communication Enhancement’s speech-pathologists are licensed by the state of Texas, have certificates of competence from ASHA, and hold Bachelor’s and Mater’s degrees in Communication Disorders. Rabon Communication Enhancement in Sugar Land, TX prides itself in the competence, compassion, knowledge, skill, and experience of its speech pathology team.


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