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“My name is Peter. I am “Grandpa” to S.M.,
one of the happy and fortunate participant/ students at CE. Thanks to Communication Enhancement, their speech therapy and social skills program, I have watched my Grandson’s improvement in his speech and general behavior-all of this and more is because of the skill and dedication of the CE staff. I’ve been around for quite a while and I have never had the pleasure of knowing a more knowledgeable, caring, and loving group of people! All I can say is BRAVO!!!

P.H.- 2006

“Having a child who has Autism is a tremendous blessing and a tremendous challenge: The best, the worst, the highest highs, the lowest lows. One day you are praying for an answer to make things better for your child, and the next day you are crying tears of joy at the smallest hint of progress.  Our experience at Communication Enhancement has represented THE BEST and THE HIGHEST, as we have watched a young man grow and change and begin to speak-becoming a part of this world, experiencing life!! When he was 10, just a few short years ago, we were pleading with a public school speech pathologist to ‘help him verbalize.’ The response we received will forever fall into the Worst of Times Category. This woman said, ‘Really, if he has not learned to talk by the age of 7, he will not be able to do so!’ Those words and that attitude sent us searching for help. Finding Communication Enhancement became a transformational point in our son’s life. He has found a place where he loves to be, where he is encouraged, challenged, and praised. He thrives with therapists who are his cheer leaders-who are constantly trying new things…always searching for another path to success. It is amazing what can happen when people see the potential in your child.  Miracles take place. Our young man, who was destined never to speak, as that uninformed person once commented… is now increasing his vocabulary both verbally and receptively EVERY SINGLE DAY!! He has risen to his potential and continues to amaze us because of the unique and incredible work that the CE staff has done! He has found his words…and we have found hope beyond our dreams, thanks to Communication Enhancement. 



Since coming to Communication Enhancement for speech therapy, I have noticed that my son Irwin has improved.  He came in with only 1-2 words, and now he has gained 3-8 words. He may not say it as often as a parent would want to hear, be we know he can say it appropriately when needed. Ember is very good to my son and helpful in giving information to me as a parent on what and how I can help my son at home. Hopefully with the social skills program soon to start, it will help my son develop his communication and social skills more. 



"I am the parent of a son with autism who is delayed in speech. He started receiving speech therapy in 2001 at the age of 3 for expressive and receptive language. Shortly after several speech sessions with Rebecca Rabon, my son began to show progress in these areas and more. My husband and I definitely saw him progressing and so did our friends, teachers, and parents at the daycare he attended. Because of his progress, other parents began asking for the name of his therapist and called Communication Enhancement for services for their child as well. I can't say enough about Communication Enhancement. It has been a godsend for my son and my family. Currently, my son is still receiving services from Communication Enhancement and we are more than pleased with the services and the staff. They are all about helping children reach their potential."

M.B. - 5/26/2004



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